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Name of the POI Frankopan city Novigrad; Old town Novigrad
POI ID Novigrad-Old-town
Type POI       Experience
Name Juraj
Surname Randelj
E-mail jrandelj@apsolon.com
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Name Ana
Surname Barković
E-mail ana.barkovic@ra-kazup.hr
Role Project manager
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Description of the POI Old town Novigrad was allegedly built in 1193 but exact year is not actually known. However, it is known that in the 15th century at the latest it came into the possession of the Frankopan princes of Krk, and remained in their possession until their downfall in the "Zrinsko-frankopanska conspiracy" in 1671. Until today, many owners have been changed. As well as the owners, the architecture of the building has also been changed throughout the history. From a defensive burg to a lavish baroque castle, but its defensive role, which it had due to its location, has never been in absence. Its ground plan is an elongated pentagon of unequal sides with a pointed tip to the northeast. There are towers in all the peaks, four approximately semicircular and smaller in size, while the fifth on the steepest cliff is the largest. The main and the only entrance to the city is on the south wall with a folding entrance bridge, and later a walled ramp. In 1999, the reconstruction of the southern left tower began, it was completely reconstructed and a lookout was built on it. The intention is to preserve at least the existing condition and restore the most valuable parts old town. The Old town of Novigrad na Dobri is one of the most important cultural heritage buildings in the municipality of Netretić and Karlovac County, and in the future it will certainly become a tourist pearl of this part of continental Croatia.
Georeference 45° 28' 56" N 15° 27' 09" E
Street address TZ grada Duge Rese street
City Novigrad na Dobri, Municipality of Netretić
State/Province/Region Croatia, Karlovac County
Postal/Zip Code 47250
Filename and typeNovigrad-Old-town_photograph-01.jpg - (Photograph)
DescriptionThe photographs present Novigrad, Old town (front, upper and side view)
Visibility and other infoVisibility: Public.
Filename and typeNovigrad-Old-town_photograph-02.png - (Photograph)
DescriptionThe photographs present Novigrad, Old town (front, upper and side view)
Visibility and other infoVisibility: Public.
Filename and typeNovigrad-Old-town_photograph-03.jpg - (Photograph)
DescriptionThe photographs present Novigrad, Old town (front, upper and side view)
Visibility and other infoVisibility: Public.
Material Heritage
Immaterial Heritage
Type of tourist experience Culture/History The tourist experience includes sightseeing of the Old town Novigrad (Frankopan city Novigrad). Since the renovation in 1999, it has become more accessible and interesting to tourists, visitors and locals, especially with regard to the built lookout. Several possible activities are sightseeing from the outside and using walking and cycling routes leading to the tower. Reconstruction of old town has continued in order for Novigrad to become an attractive tourist destination in the near future. The importance of the Old Town of Novigrad as historical place in the continental part of Croatia is evidenced by the registration as a protected cultural property in the Register of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia.
Length of tourist experience Less than 30 min
Contact person Nikola Volović [zora@prilisce.hr]
Opening Not regulated
Booking No booking required
Cost Not regulated
Languages English, Croatian
"Last mile" accessibility Less than 20 min by walk from the nearest accommodation/car parking/bus station
Accessibility/limitations to access The old town is accessible to everyone from the outside (sightseeing), but from the inside it is difficult to access, especially for people with mobility problems.
Popularity of the attraction among the locals 5
Influence on destination choice 6
Tag Old town, Novigrad, river Dobra, walking, cycling
Information regarding the key informants and stakeholders involved in the research Darko Butina, Frankopan hotel Duga Resa; Nikola Volović, Zora association; Marijan Peretić, Mayor of Netretić