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Name of the POI Ozalj Castle, Old town Ozalj
POI ID Ozalj-castle
Type POI       Experience
Name Juraj
Surname Randelj
E-mail jrandelj@apsolon.com
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Name Ana
Surname Barković
E-mail ana.barkovic@ra-kazup.hr
Role Project manager
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Description of the POI Ozalj Castle was built and upgraded through different periods and each gave its character to this valuable building. It is a valuable cultural and historical heritage of the continental part of Croatia and an attractive destination for many visitors. The existence of the walls dates from the VI. century, but the beginning of the construction of today's building can be placed in the XIII. century when it is mentioned in written sources. The entire castle consists of an entrance tower, a smaller tower on the left side of the entrance tower, the main defensive tower, the south, east and north city wings (all three wings are large buildings on two floors) and the so-called "Zrinski Palace" or "granary". List of owners through history: Bela IV, the Babonić family, bans Mikac Prodavić and numerous castellans, the Frankopani and Zrinski families, the administration of the Hungarian Chamber and the Inner Austrian Chamber, Counts Petazzi, the Perlas family, Counts Batthyány, the Thurn and Taxis family and The Brethren of the Croatian Dragon.
Georeference 45° 36' 44" N 15° 28' 17" E
Street address Zrinskih and Frankopana Street, 20
City Town of Ozalj
State/Province/Region Croatia, Karlovac County
Postal/Zip Code 47280
Filename and typeOzalj-castle_photograph-01.JPG - (Photograph)
DescriptionThe photograph presents Ozalj Castle and its surroundings (photograph taken from the air)
Visibility and other infoVisibility: Public.
Filename and typeOzalj-castle_photograph-02.JPG - (Photograph)
DescriptionThe photograph presents Ozalj Castle and its surroundings (photograph taken from the air)
Visibility and other infoVisibility: Public.
Material Heritage
Immaterial Heritage
Type of tourist experience Culture/History In the area of the Ozalj castle there is a Native land museum (Zavičajni muzej Ozalj) which is the central place of cultural tourism in the city. Its main activity is museum gallery, but it is very much involved in tourism offer. They currently offer several tourism routes. A novelty is the engagement of archaeologists from 2018 who have found many interesting findings that can be used as tourism potential.
Length of tourist experience 30 min to 1 hour
Contact person Stjepan Bezjak [muzoz@ka.t-com.hr]
Opening Winter time: Weekly: 8am - 4pm Weekend and holiday: 10am - 4pm Summer time: Weekly: 8am - 8pm Weekend and holiday: 10am - 8pm
Booking Booking required only for groups of more than 10 people
Cost 10,00 to 20,00 HRK (Croatian Kuna)
Languages English, Croatian
"Last mile" accessibility Less than 20 min by walk from the nearest accommodation/car parking/bus station
Accessibility/limitations to access Structure is accessible to everyone.
Popularity of the attraction among the locals 6
Influence on destination choice 6
Tag Ozalj, castle, Frankopans, Zrinski,
Information regarding the key informants and stakeholders involved in the research Ivana Zvonković, Red cross city affiliate; Ivana Brozinić, Red cross city affiliate; Stjepan Bezjak, Native land museum; Gordana Lipšinić, Town of Ozalj (Ex Mayor of Ozalj)