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Name of the POI The City Star Karlovac
POI ID The-Star
Type POI       Experience
Name Mia
Surname Burić
E-mail mburic@apsolon.com
Role Consultant (An external expert)
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Name Ana
Surname Barković
E-mail ana.barkovic@ra-kazup.hr
Role Project manager
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Description of the POI The Star is the oldest and central part of the city of Karlovac, the Karlovac Fortress, which was built in the 16th century as a Renaissance fortification system with a characteristic six-pointed shape. This star-shaped fortress area of geometrically regular and proportional streets and squares is bordered by six five-sided bastions connected by earthen ramparts, which are followed on the outside by a fortress hornbeam and a sloping outer earthen embankment that allows good defensive control in front of the fortress. Such a system of construction was an expression of the highest fortification ideas of the time, and corresponded to the then war strategy in which short-range artillery dominated. Central space of The Star is the ban Jelačić’s Square where are The Catholic church of the Trinity Church and the Orthodox church of St. Nicholas which hold numerous historic and spiritual valuables of the town.
Georeference 45° 29' 41" N 15° 33' 07" E
Street address Ban Josip Jelacic Square
City City of Karlovac
State/Province/Region Croatia, Karlovac County
Postal/Zip Code 47000
Filename and typeThe-Star_photograph-01.JPG - (Photograph)
DescriptionPhotograph of the site – The Star.
Visibility and other infoVisibility: Public.
Material Heritage
Immaterial Heritage
Type of tourist experience Cultural heritage – historical centre Tourist experience of The Star, beside sightseeing of star-shaped old town that used to be a fort, includes The City Museum, the foundations of the Chapel of St. Joseph, the main square surrounded by two churches with a well in the middle, the Baroque Palace of the Polytechnic, the oldest Music School in Croatia and many other heritage objects in the historical center. A promenade around the fort along the alées of chestnuts and linden trees, in certain places has the remnants of the stone walls.
Length of tourist experience 1 hour to 2 hours of sightseeing
Contact person Biserka Cukina Tropčić [biserka.cukina.tropcic@karlovac.hr]
Opening Opening hours/days are not regulated. Working hours of the tourist information center: 01.01.-01.05. / 15.09.-31.12. Monday – Friday 8am - 16pm 02.05.-14.09. Monday – Friday 8am - 16pm, Saturday 9am - 12pm
Booking No booking required
Cost Free entrance
Languages English, Croatian
"Last mile" accessibility Less than 20 min by walk from the nearest accommodation/car parking/bus station
Accessibility/limitations to access The structure has no limitations to access and it’s accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities
Popularity of the attraction among the locals 10
Influence on destination choice 7
Tag The Star, Karlovac, fortification system, old town
Information regarding the key informants and stakeholders involved in the research Boris Šušnjar, Association of Tourist Guides of Karlovac County – Bastion; Morana Rožman, Association Pavilion Katzler 1897; Marina Grčić, City of Karlovac; Marijana Tomičić, City of Karlovac; Marinko Pleskina, City of Karlovac; Marinko Kečkeš, Institute for Physical Planning of Karlovac County; Krešo Rogoz, Croatia Open Land Tours DMC; Biserka Cukina Tropčić, City of Karlovac; Ivana Kaleb Vukelić, Aquatika - Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium; Darka Spudić, Public institution NATURA VIVA for the management of protected parts of nature in the Karlovac County