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Name of the POI The Old Town of Slunj
POI ID Slunj-Old-town
Type POI       Experience
Name Juraj
Surname Randelj
E-mail jrandelj@apsolon.com
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Name Ana
Surname Barković
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Description of the POI The Old Town of Slunj was built for the original residential purpose of the princes of Krk, as a polygonal, hexagonal building, within which there was palace and probably auxiliary rooms. It dates from around the 1322 when the Hungarian and Croatian king Charles Robert donated the Drežnik parish with the town of Slunj to Friedrich III Frankopan. There is also a document from 1390 that says that Ivan, Duke of Krk, gave Slunj for to the Duke Paul of Zrinski for rent in the amount of 4000 ducats. In 1449, Slunj belonged to the Duke Dujam of Frankopan, the ancestor of the famous Frankopan Slunjski lineage. The lineage ceased to exist out in 1572 with the death of Franjo Frankopan Slunjski, a hero of wars with the Ottoman conquerors and the famous Croatian ban, while the Town of Slunj got into the hands of the king. The Old Town of Slunj has been connected with the Slunj settlement, on the left bank of Slunjčica, within which there was also the Franciscan monastery. Currently, plans are being prepared for the restoration of architectural and other material cultural and historical heritage with the aim of partially putting the restored areas in the function of nature protection and cross-sectoral cooperation on programs for the restoration and use of the Old Town of Slunj and nearby Napoleon's grain magazine. Today's walls of the Old Town of Slunj are owned by the City of Slunj.
Georeference 45° 07' 02" N 15° 35' 17" E
Street address Frankopana street, 4
City Town of Slunj
State/Province/Region Croatia, Karlovac County
Postal/Zip Code 47240
Filename and typeSlunj-Old-town_photograph-01.jpg - (Photograph)
DescriptionPhotograph of the Slunj Old town (site)
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Filename and typeSlunj-Old-town_photograph-02.jpg - (Photograph)
DescriptionPhotograph of the Slunj Old town (site)
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Filename and typeSlunj-Old-town_photograph-03.jpg - (Photograph)
DescriptionPhotograph of the Slunj Old town (site)
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Filename and typeSlunj-Old-town_photograph-04.jpg - (Photograph)
DescriptionPhotograph of the Slunj Old town (site)
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Material Heritage
Immaterial Heritage
Type of tourist experience Culture/History The old town of Slunj is currently in ruins, although part of the walls have been restored. Within the walls there are no additional tourism facilities or contents and therefore it has the function of a tourism attraction with activities of sightseeing and retelling of historical stories and events. The city of Slunj is currently in the process of obtaining documentation and preparing projects for the reconstruction of this site and exploiting its full tourism potential.
Length of tourist experience Less than 30 min.
Contact person Dragan Smrzlić [ured@slunj-rastoke.hr]
Opening Not regulated
Booking No booking required
Cost Not regulated
Languages English, Croatian
"Last mile" accessibility Less than 20 min by walk from the nearest accommodation/car parking/bus station
Accessibility/limitations to access The old town walls are accessible to everyone from the outside (sightseeing), but from the inside are difficult to access, especially for people with mobility problems.
Popularity of the attraction among the locals 4
Influence on destination choice 5
Tag Slunj, old town, residential building, river Slunjčica
Information regarding the key informants and stakeholders involved in the research Nikica Smederovac, Communal warden and president of the community of sports associations, Korana Cultural and Artistic Society, Lovor Choir Irena Mateša, The town of Slunj; Ivana Perović Anušić, Public open school and Library Slunj; Predrag Jareb, Family farm; Dragan Smrzlić, Slunj tourist board; Viktor Smolić, The town of Slunj; Dragoslava Cindrić, The town of Slunj; Zdenka Špelić, The town of Slunj