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DELTA 2000
Name of the POI Madonna del Bosco Sanctuary
POI ID Sanctuary-Alfonsine
Type POI       Experience
Name Tristana
Surname Randi
E-mail tristana.randi@deltaduemila.net
Role Delta 2000 Tourism Project Manager
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Name Laura
Surname Beltrami
E-mail lucianocavassa@alice.it
Role Resident
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Description of the POI Important sanctuary, destination of numerous pilgrimages, which rises in an area formerly covered by a dense bush, where, according to tradition, frequent miracles were repeated. The first miracle occurred in 1714, after the deposition of an ex-voto image. The sanctuary preserves a ceramic image of the Virgin dating back to the 1500’s. The whole history of the sanctuary, its origins, miracles, transformations from 1700 to present, in this site managed and curated by professor Lucci, resident in Alfonsine, and local history expert. http://alfonsinemonamour.racine.ra.it/alfonsine/Alfonsine/madonnaboschi.htm Website dedicated to the valorisation of less known historical and artistic heritage. Object of this website are the votive shrines, those expressions of private and popular religiosity that, with different names, dot the entire Italian territory, urban and above all rural, and which in Romagna are more commonly defined pillars. It provides a general overview of these forms of art and minor devotion, their history and their use. https://sites.google.com/site/edicoledevozionalicomunedilugo/il-cuore-dei-pilastrini-le-targhe-devozionali/madonna-del-bosco-di-alfonsine-2
Georeference 44.54458241348627 12.063726610560774
Street address Via Raspona, 81
City Alfonsine
State/Province/Region Italy/Ravenna/Emilia Romagna
Postal/Zip Code 48011
Filename and typeSanctuary_image.png - (Photograph)
DescriptionMadonna del Bosco Sanctuary preserves more than 40 ex-voto, votive paintings, typically depicting the illness or a dangerous incident which the offeror survived. The Sanctuary was a pilgrimage destination in XVIII AND XIX.
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Filename and typeSanctuary_image2.png - (Photograph)
DescriptionThe first Sanctuary was erected next to a tree, where the first miracle happened in 1714. It was rebuilt in 1928 and destroyed during WWII and there the actual Sanctuary dates back to 1952.
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Filename and typeSanctuary-Alfonsine_book-01.pdf - (Book)
DescriptionHistorical book written and printed in 1834 that narrates story and miracles of the Madonna del Bosco Sanctuary.
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Filename and typeSanctuar_audio.mp3 - (Audio Recording)
DescriptionLaura Beltrami talks about the almost abandoned little votive shrine built in the exact place where the miracle happened
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Material Heritage
Immaterial Heritage
Type of tourist experience Sanctuaries have long been meeting places for people on a pilgrimage of faith. This tradition still exists today, but visitors might also want to explore the cultural heritage or discover the sources of spirituality. The general atmosphere of the shrine can reflect a recognized event of a supernatural character, an apparition or a miracle, or some historic events that took place at the given site, which represent an authentic and deep experience both for locals and tourists.
Length of tourist experience 1 hour
Contact person Davide Don Ferrini
Opening Sundays afternoon
Booking No
Cost Free
Languages Italian, English
"Last mile" accessibility 40 - 60 min by walk from the nearest accommodation/car parking/bus station
Accessibility/limitations to access Accessible to anyone
Popularity of the attraction among the locals 6
Influence on destination choice 2
Tag religious tourism pilgrimage; pilgrimage; tourism pilgrimage spiritual journey; religious sanctuaries; miracle; religious itineraries; ex voto; votive shrine church;
Information regarding the key informants and stakeholders involved in the research Andrea Ricci Maccarini Laura Beltrami